Saturday, April 14, 2012



Canggu Muay Thai Club was launched  April 2012 by a community of enthusiastic Martial Artist. Canggu is a fast growing area in Bali Indonesia. 3v fitness and Canggu Futsal is a new sporting facility in Canggu and are providing the Canggu Muay Thai club with a fantastic training area, with over 10 hanging bags and a huge floor space.

Muay Thai is a relatively new sport to Bali and Indonesia, but is quickly becoming quite popular in the capital city of Jakarta. Our aim at the Canggu Muay Thai Club is to provide residents and tourist in the Canggu area with a convenient location to train and learn the worlds most effect standup martial art.

Our classes are fun and energetic with a strong emphases  on correct techniques. We cater to experienced Muay Thai practitioners and total beginners. We pride our selves on our ability to give all students a good work out and practice techniques regardless to ones experience.

We varying our classes and introducing new work out routines from week to week. Every class consists of a minimum or 15 minutes learning to hold and train on Thai Pads, Training also includes cardio, strengthening, stretching and technique training.

Our classes are conducted in both English and Indonesian and are relatively easy to follow regardless to your language.